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american kitty

According to my statistics I have more and more american readers which is quite awkward when you write in french. For sure the word « fuck » in « never quit and fuck them all » must be the reason for some to find my site, and after all I have made a very complete article about porno (Porno Mundi, no picture sorry), two magic words for search engine. But still this tendency, having more and more anglo-saxon readers (and fluent in french I hope) is something that shows my statistics since a year. I have no explanation about that but still it amuse me when you see I found no valuable editor here but mainly pretentious bullshitter. How ever I’m sick of searching an editor, and writing is becoming pointless for me. I write since I’m nine, I made a leaving of it, but now what for ? Writing is a full time job for which I’m not paid, from what I receive no gratification, no recognition, no shit, and each time I’m looking for an editor, I’m lucky if he’s polite enough just to answer, even a no. So fuck all that. I have one novel I want to finish, just personal task (ma petite entreprise) and after that, well I quit with all that. I spent part of my life trying to become a writer, so I am now, I spent my all life dreaming being publish, it happen once with a lousy publisher who’s now close, it will never happen again. So when this novel will be finish (which will take probably a year or so) there will be no more short story or novel on this blog and I will completely reoriented it  (probably around movies) I’m sick with all that and fuck ALL french editor you’re just a bunch of lousy snobish pretentious ass holes.

Désolé les français, va falloir vous mettre à l’anglais ou vous dispenser de lire cet à propos, rien que l’idée de vous le traduire me fatigue d’avance.